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RVT: Summer EDM Sessions

Hey guys, Xtiana here. Check out Red Velvet Techno’s month-long labor of love for Summer EDM.

In preparation for summer, we (Red Velvet Techno: me, DJ ExPat (Clara), Intern Kellie, and Intern Kevin) got together some of the best upcoming DJs of the year and had them record/perform a tropical house set! Listen below for some cool summer vibes!

On April 6th, Allston-based DJ’s Godoii & Davvid joined Red Velvet Techno! They’ve recently played venues all over Boston and NYC, and are taking the DJing world by storm!
Check out their social media here:

And check out their instudio below:

On April 13th, Australian-Indonesian-Boston super DJ, DJ Y.U.I., joined WTBU for a chill-tropical set. With a lot of radio experience under his belt, he played a set that all listeners were sure to enjoy. Check it out below and check out his social media here:

Also on April 13th, Boston-based DJ TSTRISS joined WTBU to perform his high-energy summer set. He’s previously DJed on the radio and he knew exactly what sounds would capture listeners. Check out his instudio below and his social media here:

On April 22nd, we were joined via Skype by DJ Jordi Iven! He is a Dutch deep/tech/tribal house artist that you might even know from his modelling! He mixed a special set just for us that you can check out blow AND on his social media here:

Also on April 22nd, we were fortunate enough to get a phone call from Matoma! Matoma is an up-and-coming tropical house producer who just finished his first US tour and will be playing in some major festivals this summer. Intern Kevin interviews him below:

On April 27th, we ended our Summer EDM Sessions with a fantastic set by Dutch deep/tech/electro DJ Jimmy Carris. Jimmy is currently charting at #2 on the Canadian House Music Charts and is on beatport and itunes! Though he couldn’t get in touch with us because he was busy performing, you can check out his answers to our questions below! Check out his set that he made for us below and on his social media:

RVT – Summer EDM Sessions (Jimmy Carris Set) by Wtbu on Mixcloud

We hope you all enjoyed our Summer EDM Sessions! Please check us out next semester and keep up-to-date on our social media!

Also, massive thank you to Elise Liu for the graphics, Alex Cohen-Leddy for video editing, and the WTBU In-studio team!