Hospital Blues on Left of the Dial

Hospital Blues, a kickin’ indie-punk rawk band from the hills of Central Pennsylvania, will be rocking out in studio on Friday at Left of the Dial. They’re a pretty new band. I was there when they had some of their first practices – they hadn’t decided a name yet; I gaveĀ The Hospital Blues my vote – and had the distinct honor to be at their first show at Treasure Island (a very nice house with very punk basement shows in Clarion, PA). They’ve got a sick sound, a sort of synthesis of the fortes of their respective members. Folk punk, hardcore, hip-hop, and pop-punk all have a good foot in the door here, and somehow some indie-rock sounds have slipped in there, too. Overall, these are swell dudes playing swell music and it’ll definitely be worth tuning in to hear them. And hit up their show Friday night at S.H.O.P.!

-Laura Jane Brubaker

Friday’s Left of the Dial (4-6pm) is hosted by Kristin Toussaint and Laura Jane Brubaker