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J/\N/\ on PBR&B

PBR&B interviewed J/\N/\, a 13 year old dj/producer from Washington DC, about her music and mixes that she has just recently started to produce. Check her out on her soundcloud:

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McCallaman on BU In the Morning

Toronto-based producer and DJ McCallaman called into BU in the Morning to speak with hosts Christie Leist and Alexa Vazquez about his recent projects, including his new EP, “Black Pop.” Checkout that interview and find out where you can learn more about McCallaman here:


Albert Hammond Jr. on BU In the Morning

Albert Hammond Jr., former guitarist for The Strokes, is coming to Boston while on tour to debut his latest album, “Momentary Masters.” You can catch him performing at the Sinclair in Cambridge on September 20. BU in the Morning Director Christie Leist spoke with him about how his music has developed since launching his solo. Listen to that interview here:

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The Renaissance Men on BU In the Morning

The Renaissance Men: Boston’s acclaimed male vocal chamber ensemble came into BU in the Morning last Friday to discuss their group members, musical foundation, and upcoming projects that Boston should be on the lookout for! Find out more about the group by going to their website, checking out their Soundcloud, or listen to their interview with BUITM Director, Christie Leist, below.


David Mercier on BU in the Morning

David Mericer recently launched a new app designed to promote mental and physical wellness in college students. BU in the morning DJs Christie Leist, Goldy Fogel, and Sarah Burnstein interviewed Mr. Mercier to find about how his podcast style helps college students thrive on campus in a myriad of ways. You can download the app yourself through

Chords In Disney

Chantal Gish of Chordially Yours on BU In the Morning

Chantal Gish of the Boston University acapella group Chordially Yours sat down with Christie Leist for an interview on BU in the Morning. Listen to that interview here and find out about what it’s like to participate in musical groups on campus, as well as information about Chords’s upcoming shows and their trip to Disney where they performed this past winter break. You can find out more about Chordially Yours and listen to their music at these sites:,,,


Aaron Fleishman founder of Wardrobe Wake-up on BU In The Morning

Aaron Fleishman, founder of Wardrobe Wake-up, joined BU In The Morning to talk about of he created the subscription wardrobe service and how to sign up. Make sure to check out Wardrobe Wake-up and check them out on Twitter and Facebook. Interview:

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A Look Inside The Beat of Boston University

Take a look inside of WTBU, in the first installment of our video series. Interviews from the promotions director, Jacqlene Boening, and general manager John-Michael Sedor.