David Mercier on BU in the Morning

David Mericer recently launched a new app designed to promote mental and physical wellness in college students. BU in the morning DJs Christie Leist, Goldy Fogel, and Sarah Burnstein interviewed Mr. Mercier to find about how his podcast style helps college students thrive on campus in a myriad of ways. You can download the app yourself through


Dan Masterson on BU in the Morning

​Boston singer-song writer Dan Masterson came in to BUITM to talk about the release of his new album “Atlas.” He spoke with DJs Christie Leist, Lucas Radoccia, Daniel Guan, and Nicole Cesanek about the differences between his albums and his new musical inspiration. You can see Dan perform live and support his music at his album release party, coming up on April 11 at the Hard Rock Cafe (18+.)


Heather McDonald on BU in the Morning

Christie Leist and John-Michael Sedor sat down with comedian Heather McDonald on BU in the Morning. McDonald was a regular the show “Chelsea Lately” and TLC’s “All About Sex” series. McDonald is in Boston to perform her stand-up comedy routine at Laugh Boston (located in the Westin Waterfront Hotel in the Seaport District; 425 Summer Street.) To purchase tickets for her show go over to

Chords In Disney

Chantal Gish of Chordially Yours on BU In the Morning

Chantal Gish of the Boston University acapella group Chordially Yours sat down with Christie Leist for an interview on BU in the Morning. Listen to that interview here and find out about what it’s like to participate in musical groups on campus, as well as information about Chords’s upcoming shows and their trip to Disney where they performed this past winter break. You can find out more about Chordially Yours and listen to their music at these sites:,,,

Vagina Monologues Cast

Director and Cast of the Vagina Monologues on BU In the Morning

(photo taken by Tomas Jordan) Checkout BU in the Morning DJs Christie Leist and John-Michael Sedor talking with Jacqlene Boening and Daniella Seidl of the Vagina Monologues. As the director of the show, Seidl comments on the various messages the Vagina Monologues aims to send, as well as what is was like preparing the show for their audience at BU. Boening, cast member and resident WTBU Eboard member, talks about how to capture the essence of each character through dialogue and embracing each individual story.