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J/\N/\ on PBR&B

PBR&B interviewed J/\N/\, a 13 year old dj/producer from Washington DC, about her music and mixes that she has just recently started to produce. Check her out on her soundcloud:

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McCallaman on BU In the Morning

Toronto-based producer and DJ McCallaman called into BU in the Morning to speak with hosts Christie Leist and Alexa Vazquez about his recent projects, including his new EP, “Black Pop.” Checkout that interview and find out where you can learn more about McCallaman here:


Albert Hammond Jr. on BU In the Morning

Albert Hammond Jr., former guitarist for The Strokes, is coming to Boston while on tour to debut his latest album, “Momentary Masters.” You can catch him performing at the Sinclair in Cambridge on September 20. BU in the Morning Director Christie Leist spoke with him about how his music has developed since launching his solo. Listen to that interview here:


Interview with Verite on Casual Vibes

Julia and Intern Kellie interviewed New York singer-songwriter Verite on Casual Vibes. The indie pop singer talked about her amazing tour, upcoming shows, and stayed for a frustrating round of ‘Would You Rather’ questions. Listen and follow Verite on Facebook, Twitter, and Soundcloud! Here is her newly released single “Colors”

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RVT: Summer EDM Sessions

Hey guys, Xtiana here. Check out Red Velvet Techno’s month-long labor of love for Summer EDM. In preparation for summer, we (Red Velvet Techno: me, DJ ExPat (Clara), Intern Kellie, and Intern Kevin) got together some of the best upcoming DJs of the year and had them record/perform a tropical house set! Listen below for some cool summer vibes! On April 6th, Allston-based DJ’s Godoii & Davvid joined Red Velvet Techno! They’ve recently played venues all over Boston and NYC, and are taking the DJing world by storm! Check out their social media here: And check out their… click headline to Read More